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Cat friendly?

Small dog friendly?

Large dog friendly?

Kids under 10?

Kids 10+?

Ideal environment:

Adoption fee:

Princess Leia

5 years

Spayed Female


50 lb

Yes, calm cats only

Yes, with gradual intro

Yes, with gradual intro


Maybe- if dog savvy

Has fenced in yard


About Princess Leia

Introducing Princess Leia, the pup who's ready to blast off with her forever family! This Princess loves to go on adventures and defend her pack, whether it's chasing after porgs or barking at imperial stormtroopers. As a reactive dog, she can be wary of new situations (like the Death Star's trash compactor), but with patience and love, she warms up quickly to become a loyal and affectionate companion. Just like her namesake, she's got a heart of gold and a wagging tail that can defeat any Sith Lord.

Princess Leia is best suited for a patient and understanding family who can help her build confidence and overcome her fears. With her noble and protective nature, Princess Leia is a true asset to any Rebel alliance, and a faithful friend to all those who earn her trust. So if you're looking for a pup who's got the brains, the brawn, and the bark to take on the galaxy, look no further than Princess Leia. May the fur be with you!

Energy Level: Moderate - needs can be met through physical activity like running, or food puzzles and games at home

Dogs: Can do well with dogs of all sizes, but requires a slow introduction and for the other dog to be friendly and balanced themselves

Cats: Can coexist with one or two calm cats, will get excited and chase active cats

Princess Leia’s adoption fee is $75- she is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped, and comes with a martingale collar,  harness, leash, and post adoption support. If you’d like to join Leia in her adventures, please submit an adoption inquiry  here.

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