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WAIT! Before you contact us...

Look at the prompts below to see if any of these fit your situation…


I want to adopt!

Please visit our adoption page. Thank you!

I found a stray pet.

Have you…?

  • Taken the pet to several vets around you to check for a microchip? Sometimes chips migrate on the dog and not every chip reader can pick up every chip.

  • Looked at Maricopa's lost pet map to see if the pet is listed?

  • Listed the pet as found on Maricopa's lost pet map?

  • Checked local lost pet Facebook pages? Straydar, PawBoost, Lost Pets of Phoenix.

  • Listed the pet as found on the above pages?

  • Checked your neighborhood apps with Nest, Ring or Nextdoor?

  • Posted the pet as found on these pages?

  • Walked the neighborhood with the pet and knocked on houses nearby where they were found to ask if anyone knows the pet?

  • Put up posters in your neighborhood with a picture of the pet and your phone number?

Example of post text and found poster:

PET was found on CROSS STREETS on DATE at TIME wearing COLLAR COLOR/NO COLLAR. Please share!

        *include clear photos of the face and flank

        *always ask for photographic proof of ownership


I found a stray and I cannot keep them in my home.

We recommend holding found pets for about 5 days in case the owner sees any of the above listings and contacts you. Yes it can be stressful or difficult but that is the responsibility of bringing a pet into your home. Animal control can take several days to take in surrenders, and won't be able to do it immediately. Plan ahead.

  • Do you have a laundry room, garage or bathroom that you can set up to separate the pet from any animals in the home?

  • Have you reached out to any local friends and family who may be able to hold the dog for a few days?

  • Have you made an appointment with the county shelter to surrender the pet?


I found a stray and they are injured!

Contact AZ Humane to schedule a drop off for an injured lost pet. If they are not open at the time, drop the pet off with one of the emergency vets they partner with. 


I found a litter of kittens!

Don't touch them! Leave them there for the mom. If you mess with the litter she may hide her kittens better. 


I can't keep my pet because I lost my home.

We are very sorry to hear that.

  • Lost Our Home Rescue specializes in short term fostering for domestic situations and lost homes.

  • Call PHXCares at 211 to ask about spaces in pet friendly homeless shelters.

  • Contact the Chuck Waggin for pet food assistance.

I can't keep my pet due to behavior concerns.

Please contact Cranium Dog Training for a free video consultation to discuss your situation. Cats are welcome.


I need to rehome my pet and I don't know where to start.

Contact Cranium Dog Training for free coaching on how to rehome a pet on your own.

Question still not answered? Fill out the form below!

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*We are not an emergency service, we cannot help with short notice surrenders or recovered strays*

We cannot take your dog for you, however we can help you learn how to rehome your dog effectively.

Need help keeping a pet you currently have?

Have a question on how we can help you?

Ask it here!

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