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Can't foster or adopt? Support a pet by sponsoring them!

What does sponsoring a pet mean? By sponsoring a pet with a one time or recurring donation, you help pay for our animals' medical needs, as well as their food, training, enrichment, and of course plenty of treats! You enable us to heal their bodies and minds as we prepare them to find their forever homes. In return, you receive a personalized email with a unique picture of your chosen pet and some fun facts about them!

How much does it cost to sponsor a pet? Sponsorship requires a minimum donation of $10 as a one time donation. Every penny counts to help each animal we take in thrive!

Where does the money go? Your sponsorship donation goes toward the medical bills of our animals - emergency visits for pets with health problems, as well as regular checkups, vaccines, and alter surgeries that each pet needs before being adopted. The money also helps us pay for their food, litter, enrichment items (Kongs, toys, treats etc) and training classes.



Being dumped outside of a vet hospital in a cardboard carrier in the heat of a Phoenix summer is a pretty rough way to start your rescue journey, but Noodle has never let it get her down! She came to us with a URI the had her eyes nearly stuck shut, and covered with ringworm. Despite that, she has always been so happy and goofy! She is a little acrobat who loves to leap and climb and play with her siblings as much as possible. Her URI is cleared up now, but she is still undergoing treatment for her ringworm. Once that is cleared up, she can finally get spayed and go up for adoption!

Sponsor Noodle!

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