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Can't foster or adopt? Support a pet by sponsoring them!

What does sponsoring a pet mean? By sponsoring a pet with a one time or recurring donation, you help pay for our animals' medical needs, as well as their food, training, enrichment, and of course plenty of treats! You enable us to heal their bodies and minds as we prepare them to find their forever homes. 

Where does the money go? Your sponsorship donation goes toward the medical bills of our animals - emergency visits for pets with health problems, as well as regular checkups, vaccines, and alter surgeries that each pet needs before being adopted. The money also helps us pay for their food, litter, and enrichment items.



Dice was abandoned at an emergency vet along with his siblings, but he is the runt of the litter and has always struggled to keep up. He is about half the size of his brother and sister, and had to be tube fed and have frequent checkups for the first several weeks of his life because he didn't have the strength to suckle on his own. He has thankfully made huge strides with this extra care, and has even begun to eat canned food on his own! We still have the bills of multiple vet visits to contend with, and he still has a long ways to go before he will be big enough to start searching for a home of his own. Every penny counts!

Sponsor Dice:

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